Brief Background To A Nash Metropolitan Origination

For those that own such a rare classic indeed, make a quick note that today there is a specialist restoration service out there that can help them to restore and drive their car just like their granddad may have done quite way back, back in the day. The original to the nash metropolitan came out, oh, around the mid nineteen fifties. That’s why the anecdote here made mention of granddad. Anyhow, restoration services for the Metropolitan have been around for nearly twenty years (at the time of writing up this notification).

A couple of years after the new millennium came and went, the specialist service orientation was expanded to include a complete assembly line, let’s just say. Today, those classic car enthusiasts who are in prized possession of this rare bird will have a choice of over one thousand ready made parts to go to choose from. Pride of place in this unique garage is the original 1956 Metropolitan. It is still being used today. This time it is being used to field test all newly developed parts for customers out there. Customers out there are across the world, not just within the US of A.

nash metropolitan

Such field tests are carried out with pride in the full belief that they are necessary. Why is this? And as if you did not already know, especially since you are a lover of the classics, in this case, the classic car, and more especially the old Metropolitan. The tests are necessary to make pretty sure that the newly developed parts fit customers’ own cars perfectly and will work properly going forward. This garage has now been extended to include the Bull Dawg Metropolitan as well. There is an online clue out there somewhere that suggests that there is more than one specialist garage in operation bringing loving owners the exclusively manufactured parts that they need for their magnificent Bull Dawg.

Speaking of love, the owner of this special garage has had a labor of love that goes way back to the sixties. Why did it take so long for this love to be extended to the minority public of Metropolitan owners? The full story of one man’s love, stretching over thirty years or so, for his prize bull can be sourced online. It should be inspired reading for all those who truly love the classics.