Best Places to Store Cannabis

Whether you purchase small quantities of flower from the best cannabis dispensary or prefer doing big things and purchase ounces or more, storing your marijuana safely and securely is always mandatory. You certainly cannot leave the flower lying around on a table or counter because not only will it dry out and cause the herb to lose potency, but others will see it, and the possibilities here you don’t want to consider. Here’s a look at the best places to keep and store your cannabis.

Purchase a Marijuana Container

Every smoker needs a marijuana container to store their weed safely inside. There’s a wide selection of stylish containers decorated to suit the needs of every smoker. There’s also containers in various sizes, so storing a little cannabis is just as easy as storing a larger quantity. Containers make traveling with herb easier, ensure your stash isn’t lost or mixed up with someone else’s stash, and, of course, keep your flower fresh and potent.

Cannabis Humidor

Tobacco humidors are sold at the best cannabis dispensaries. Long used for tobacco, cannabis enthusiasts have their own versions of the humidor, and all the cool people use them. The cannabis humidor is certainly an elegant way to indulge in the herb. Not only is it sophisticated to take weed from a marijuana humidor when you’re getting ready to smoke, these humidors also keep the herb fresh, packed with the THC that you love, and ready to smoke whenever you need a toke. Numerous humidors are available in various price ranges, with a style and rate to accommodate every elegant smoker around. Unlike the cigar and tobacco humidors, those designated for marijuana eliminate the cedar smell and rather than simply adding humidity to the inside of the box, remove and add humidity as it is needed.

Marijuana Storage Tips

Now that we’ve uncovered some of the best places to store and keep your flower, let’s take things one step further with a few marijuana storage tips. Keep these tips in mind when storing your marijuana to keep the bud fresher, more potent longer.

Storing whole buds is easier than storing cannabis that you’ve broken down or that’s crumbled, so try your hardest to keep your herb in bud form until time to consume

Marijuana should be kept cool because there is the potential for mold growth if it is kept in a location that isn’t consistent in temperature

Cannabis should never be stored in direct sunlight. Not only does the sun dry out the herb, it also dilutes the potency of the herb

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Avoiding air exposure is also important since it also dries the bud

Choose a strong, durable container for marijuana storage because you’re bound to drop it at some point